Collection: Roasted Coffee

We donate $1 for every sale of freshly roasted coffee in FL

Shop for roasted coffee online through Hao Bao Bao Coffee’s online store, as we hope to connect with customers and partners, including restaurants, bars, cafes, and anyone else who loves coffee and helping families in need.

We donate $1 from every roasted coffee sale we make, and you can be a part of our warm, fuzzy, toasty community of coffee lovers by purchasing from our coffee for a cause company. We offer freshly roasted coffee across FL in different roasts and blends, various flavors, and from different regions across the world. Any preference you have for when you shop for roasted coffee online, we’ve got you covered!  

Pick your favorite products, confirm your order, and for every sale of roasted coffee our company makes, we will donate $1 to help adoptive families get funding for education and other needs.

You can shop for the best-roasted coffee online through our website and our company will donate $1 for every order of roasted coffee that you make. This is the perfect chance to help others by purchasing freshly roasted coffee in FL and giving back to these special families who are a part of your community.