Here are some resources we have found helpful in our adoption journey.

Please message us at or @haobaobaocoffee (Facebook & Instagram) if you have other resources you'd like to add to our list or you have any questions regarding adoption or how you can help us raise money for adoptive families. We're just a "normal" adoptive family, however, we would love to help you as best we can or direct others who can better assist you in learning how to fund the costs of home study or why you should buy coffee for adoptive families!

 You can help us and support our cause to raise money for adoptive families as we pledge $1  donations on every sale of our freshly roasted coffee. We’re proud to be offering coffee with a cause to all our partners and clients, and the community at large, to help adoptive families generate funds for the costs of home study, and other supplies.


Where to start in your adoption journey?

How to Adopt (by Show Hope)

New Family Info (by Reece's Rainbow)

International Program Requirements (by Reece's Rainbow)

Adoption Resources (from Love Without Boundaries)


Adoption Books (for parents)

The Connected Child & The Connected Parent (by Karen Purvis, Lisa Qualls)

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child (by Patty Cogen)

Adopted for Life (by Russel Moore)

Thriving as an Adoptive Family (Focus on the Family)

Lionheart: The Real Life Guide for Adoptive Family (by Jodie Hampshire)

Learning the Dance of Attachment (by Holly Van Gulden)

Second Mother: A Bible Study Experience for Foster and Adoptive Mothers (by Jodi Jackson Tucker)

Faith, Hope, and Connection: A 30-Day Devotional for Adoptive and Foster Parents (by Melissa Corkum and Lisa Qualls)


Podcast about Adoption & Foster Care:

•The Adoption Connection (@theadoptionconnection)

•The Defender by (@lifelinechild)

•Adoption Hacks (@adoptionhacks-specifically episode 60 with Sonia Martin)

•Around The World with the Archibald Project @thearchibaldproject


Information on adopting specifically from China

Mine in China 

Wish You Happy Forever (by Jenny Bowen)

The Heart of an Orphan (by Amy Eldridge)

The Changing Face of China's Orphans (from Love Without Boundaries)

No Hands but Ours

Our Blog Post: Why China?

Why CCAI? (adoption agency)

Rate Your China Adoption Agency and Adoptive Support Services Provider (Facebook group)

China Adoption Questions  (Facebook group) 


Adopting Special Needs

Our Blog Post: Why Special Needs

Why a Boy? 

Adopt Special Needs (by Love Without Boundaries)

Special Needs (by No Hands but Ours) 


Down Syndrome Resources

The Lucky Few (by Heather Avis)

Extraordinary Adoption (edited by Cady Driver)

Down Syndrome Parenting 101 (by Natalie Hale)

The Parent's Guide to Down Syndrome (by Jen Jacob, Madra Sikora)

Supporting Positive Behavior in Children and Teens with Down Syndrome (by David. S Stein)

An Uncomplicated Life (by Paul Daughtery)

The Lucky Few Podcast 

Eye Sight & Down Syndrome by NVISION


Chinese Culture 

Homeland Ties

Our Blog Posts: Mid-Autumn Festival

Simple Activities: Chinese New Year

Lessons from Our First Chinese New Year

Our favorite recipes:

Kung Pao Chicken:

Crispy Sweet & Sour Pork:

Podcast for children to learn Mandarin: @leleandmonkey

Chinese Holiday Books

Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival by Sanmu Tang

Round is a Mooncake by Roseanne Thong

Bringing in the New Year by Grace Lin

Ruby's Chinese New Year by Vickie Lee

The Great Race by Dawn Casey


Adoption Books (just a few we love!) 

Just Really Joseph by Kayla Craig

Shaoey and Dot by Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman 

The Bridge That Love Built by Amara Bratcher

A Mother for Choco by Keiko Keiko

I Prayed for You by Kean Fisher

I Love You All the Same by Donna Keith

Rice and Beans by Wiley Blevins

Babies Come from Airports by Erin Dealey


Grant Agencies (these are just a few of the ones that have partnered with us or other adoptive families we know!)

Connected Hearts Ministry (Start here! They are a FREE platform for raising money and give grant/fundraising guidance.)

Show Hope


Katelyn's Fund

Pure Gift of God

Little Biscuit Adoption Fund

Help Us Adopt

Open Hearts for Orphans


Fundraising Ideas

Expert Advice for the Best Virtual Fundraisers

Both Hands Ministry  (Serve a widow. Fund an adoption!)