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The Hao Bao Bao Guide Brewing Fine Drip Coffee

Drip coffee may not be your fanciest brewing method, but it sure is an everyday-convenient one for people on the go or those looking for a decaf.

Remember, coffee-making is an art, so if you want to impress your friends or family by mastering a new method, why not?

That said, let’s get right into Hao Bao Bao Coffee’s guide to brewing a fine cup of drip coffee at the press of a button. If you want to help, precious children find better homes, buy coffee blends for help. We’ll donate $1 to adoption funding and family preservation for each coffee bag.

Drip Coffee: Explained

The drip coffee method refers to pouring hot water over ground and roasted coffee beans in a filter.

There are two ways to do that:

  1. With a drip coffee maker or cone.
  2. Pour-over method or hand drip.

We are all aware of the second method and its hype, which is justified. It’s an easier way to make a morning cup of Joe. You probably won’t mess up a lot with this method since it is manual.

An automatic coffee drip maker can also instantly make a fine cup without requiring an hour to prepare coffee for everyone. Let’s get right into the process.

Gather All Your Ingredients For A Drip Coffee

You’ll need the following:

  • Paper filter
  • Auto-drip coffee maker
  • 5 tablespoons of Hao Bao Bao’s freshly roasted coffee. You can adjust the quantity based on your preferences.
  • And, of course, water.

Now Let’s Brew A Fine Cup of Drip Coffee

It’ll only take ten minutes of your time. Follow these instructions:

Use Medium-Grind Coffee

Buy top-quality medium-grind coffee. Coffee tastes better and fresher when you grind the beans closer to the time of brewing.

Don’t be tempted to prepare the water and grounds the night before. Be patient because good things take time. Trust us. Your brew will taste and smell heavenly if you grind it in the morning.

Filter Water

Water is a key component in preparing drip coffee. Make sure you use filtered water to maintain a good taste.

Turn Off the Flame

When you’re done brewing, turn down the flame. Remember, coffee doesn’t taste better if it stays on the burner for too long.

Quick Tip: Remember to clean your machine with a water and vinegar mixture once a month.

Coffees You Can use in Drip Machine

The best way to make the most of your drip coffee maker machine is only to use beans that are ground to a medium grind. We have a wide variety of coffee flavors or roasts that can suit your taste preference.

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Buy Coffee For A Cause!

Put your caffeine dependence to good use by shopping for coffee for a mission. At Hao Bao Bao Coffee, we offer freshly organic and roasted coffee blends and flavors. You can also purchase wholesale coffee and help children find a better home. When you purchase our coffee, we donate $1 to adoptive families in Florida. Fill out a wholesale request form for single-origin coffee.

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