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Introducing our newest Arabica coffee bean from the mountainous region of Brunca, Costa Rica! Its lush topography provides the ideal location for growing these unique beans. This bean has sweet notes with mild acidity, along with chocolate fragrances and a round tropical fruit flavor. It is a bright and complex coffee with a medium body. 

NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Dill and Dried Fruit, with a Medium Acidity and a Medium Body. Balanced and Clean

ROAST RECOMMENDATION: Costa Rican coffee is highly versatile and you can't go wrong, no matter what roast you choose! A light roast will give you a clean and sweet taste. A medium roast will give you a mild acidic flavor and a dark roast will bring out the full body of the coffee, giving you the strongest flavor of these beans. 

REGION: Brunca

ALTITUDE: 800-900M (above sea level)

PROCESS: Fully Washed

GRADE: SHB EP (Strictly Hard Bean European Preparation)

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