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Hao Bao Bao Coffee

Decaf Organic Fairtrade Peru

Decaf Organic Fairtrade Peru

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Selling Points:
• Swiss Water Pressed decaf process without any chemicals
• Creamy flavor with mild acidity and rich dark chocolate & almond notes
• Washed and sun-dried process with Grade 1 quality

Product Description:
Indulge in the rich and creamy flavor of our newest decaf bean, Organic Fairtrade Peru! Swiss Water Pressed decaf process ensures that no chemicals are used, making it a healthier option. The unique decaf process of time, temperature, and water gives it an unparalleled flavor that is one-of-a-kind. Our beans are sourced from Selva Central, a region known for its high-quality coffee beans. The altitude of 1100-1800M and the washed and sun-dried process gives it a Grade 1 quality. The coffee has a mellow acidity, heavy body, and rich dark chocolate & almond notes. Enjoy a cup of this decaf coffee anytime without worrying about caffeine keeping you up at night. Order now and experience the creamy and smooth taste of Organic Fairtrade Peru!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stefanie A.
Perfect blend

Got this for a friend that can't have regular and she loves it. The aroma scents her whole house.

Lou H.
Love this coffee

Every cup is delightful! I have several blends and I am never disappointed. Thank you for the wonderful coffee and the opportunity to help support families grow.

Thank you for the feedback!

Lauren A.
Love this Decaf Coffee!

This coffee is, by far, my most favorite decaf coffee! I am currently nursing & am trying to stay away from full caffeinated coffee for the time being. I am so thankful I found this coffee! The flavor is so good, I could almost drink it black! I will definitely be buying again & again & again!

We want our decaf to be top notch!

Denise L.
Love it!

My favorite decaf blend! And it's Swiss Water processed.

Thank you for the kind words! We appreciate it!

Mitchell G.
Great for Espresso

After my 2 AM coffees, I like to go decaf for any afternoon or evening cup. Not easy to find a quality decaf that makes a good espresso. This hits the spot.

Great to hear that the Peru makes great espresso! Thank you for the feedback!