• Adoption & the Gospel: Simile or Metaphor?

    One of the great benefits of being an elementary teacher is actually remembering all that helpful, but slightly forget-able knowledge you learned back in your early days...

    Husband: "How many cups are in a gallon?" 

    Me: "Sixteen."

    Husband: "Are you sure?"

    Me, emphatically: "I made the Gallon Man seven years in a row. Believe me, it's sixteen."

    Yes, I am your personal measurement Google in the kitchen. And since I'm a bit of a language nerd, I can also tell you the difference between two slightly confusing linguistic terms: simile and metaphor. 


  • 5 Ways Adoption Messes Up Your Kids...and Why That's a Good Thing!

    "We'd like to adopt, but we just don't want to hurt our biological kids."

    "We think adoption is great, but maybe when our kids are out of the house.".

    "We know adoption is Biblical, but we're just not sure how our kids will react."


    If we had a dime for every time we've heard these, we'd be able to fund our own adoption. But, if we had a dime for every time we personally have worried about how adoption will affect our children, we'd probably be able to finance a hundred adoptions. So, if these serious concerns have flittered across your brain and put the brakes on diving whole-heartedly into the wonderful, mysterious, difficult world of adoption, we are right there with you.


    When I see my two precious children finally playing nicely together (51% of the time, at least!), I get anxious thinking about adding a third to the mix. How will they react? Will having another child tear their adorable best buddy relationship apart? Will one become attached to the new sibling while the other might not? What if this next child messes up all the hard work of bonding and attachment we've worked on for months? Ugh, yep, we're right in the boat with you.


    But, the funny part is that I have to actually remind myself that this is deja vu. I was worrying about this same exact thing last year: Would my daughter attach to her new brother? How would he treat her? What if he hurts her? What if we can't give her the attention she needs? Wouldn't it just be better for her to have a biological sibling? 

    What are we doing to our child?! Are we crazy, irresponsible parents to bring a completely foreign child into our house?!


    And I can't help but smile now. I can't help but laugh to think that we "messed up" our daughter by adding our son to the family through adoption. They are more alike, from their dislike of bread to their love of dogs, than they are different. They play, and yes, fight, just like any "normal" siblings do. Thank God, by His grace, He carried us through our first adoption and now our daughter is completely "messed up"...and oh, are we thankful for that!

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