Why a Boy?

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Why a Boy?
“How did you adopt a boy? Aren’t all the orphans in China baby girls?”
Probably the biggest misconception about adopting from China is that Chinese baby girls are being only abandoned, and, therefore, are in need of being adopted. That was true many years ago, however today, most Chinese children in orphanages today are ones with “special needs,” ranging from heart defects to albinism, hearing or vision impairment, and a plethora of other qualities that make them “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 119:134)
Although the gender ratio of children coming into orphanages are about equal, the majority of adoptive families desire to have a girl, making the ratio of children available about 60-70% boys. It is heart-wrenching to see picture after picture of precious boys who are not chosen simply because of their gender. 
Last time around, we anticipated adopting a boy since we knew the majority of children waiting are boys. When expecting a child biologically, you don't get to choose the gender. We are not choosing a gender this time and being open to whomever the Lord brings into our family. Before, He worked in miraculous ways to show us that Titus was our son. We are confident that, boy or girl, our Heavenly Father will guide us to our newest son our daughter in His perfect timing. 
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