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Coffee Changed Our Lives: How it Can Change Yours Too

Hao Bao Bao Coffee is a project of two parents helping precious children (Hao Bao Bao in Chinese) find better homes. Our coffee roasting business is the way to meet adoption expenses and gather donations for adoptive families.

It’s amazing how coffee can change people’s lives. It brought us joy as we succeeded in raising funds for two international adoptions. But this is not about us. It’s about you and how you can change your life for good with coffee. You can shop our coffee for a cause here!

Ways Coffee Will Change Your Life

A cup of coffee is there when you’re low on energy and have to check plenty of things off your to-do list. It keeps you focused and awake when you’re short on sleep and have many errands to run.

Here’s how a single cup of coffee can change your life:

Sharpens Your Mind

Most people function on their coffee to kickstart the day. Pour yourself a cuppa and save some for later with you if the day is busy. Coffee will keep you sharp and focused so you can function throughout the day.

Scientific studies show that several cups of coffee daily can extend life expectancy, whereas some studies confirm significant health benefits with only moderate consumption.

For instance, people who drink two cups a day experience 8% less mental decline compared to those who consume one cup. Coffee slows down the mental plaque that can lead to dementia and eventually Alzheimer’s.

Other brain functions that improve due to coffee consumption include self-control, attention to detail and planning.

Speeds Up Your Reaction Time

Caffeine boosts energy and improves reaction times. A plus point for both athletes and older people trying to navigate through life. For instance, seniors who drink coffee have a lower risk of slips and falls.

Coffee improves alertness and visual acuity. Sharp vision helps us spot, identify and react to a stimulus.

Protects Your Body

Besides improving brain function and reaction times, coffee also protects the physical body. Your fast reaction times are only good if you’re physically active. Coffee helps with this, as studies show that people who consume coffee have relatively more muscle mass.

Coffee maintains physical strength and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer and type II diabetes.

Contributes to Your Social Health

Coffee makes you sociable. It’s a favorite drink among the masses – an excuse to get together. The crowds, both young and elderly, in coffee places is proof of that.

You can chit-chat with your friends or find new people in a café. It’s an easy choice for most people. In a way, coffee helps you find your people and allows you to enjoy the company of your friends.

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Shop Coffee For A Mission with Hao Bao Bao Coffee

Hao Bao Bao Coffee is on a mission to save children with special needs. Our freshly roasted coffee grounds help them find a better home. Buy our coffee to donate $1 per bag to adoption funding and family preservation. We have freshly-roasted coffee blends and flavors, as well as wholesome coffee. Fill out our request form today!

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