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5 Delicious Accompaniments to Your Daily Coffee

The morning cup of Joe alone makes for a great start to the day, but what other foods do you pair items with your coffee for a perfect combo?

Coffee goes surprisingly well with some of the food items discussed below. Give them a shot and improve your morning routine. Also, shop coffee for a cause to support children in finding better homes for themselves.

Caffeine and Food Combo: What Goes Well with Coffee?

Breakfast food is your best choice for pairing with your coffee. But we have also outlined some other food items that may surprise you:

1.     Pastries/Donuts/Coffee Cake

The sweetness of bakery items complements the bitterness of coffee. Whether it’s a glazed doughnut, a moist crumbed muffin, or a fresh slice of coffee cake, it’ll pair well with your morning cup of coffee. You’ll find these items together in any local bakery or diner.

2.     Scrambled Eggs

Do you ever wake up sometimes and can’t decide what to eat for breakfast? Scrambled egg is an easy choice.

Whatever way you decide to cook your eggs, it’ll go well with your morning cup of coffee. Eggs are good for health, but when paired with coffee, they’ll add that extra boost of energy you need for the work day.

3.     Fruits

It may seem odd, but fruits complement caffeine the best. They balance out the bitter taste of your coffee by adding some natural sweetness.

Raspberries, blueberries, plums, strawberries, apricots, and peaches can be the perfect accompaniment to your morning cup of Joe to get you the best of both worlds.

4.     Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve probably already tried this combo. Whether it’s white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate, it is the best companion to your morning or evening coffee.

Remember to pair lighter-tasting coffee with a bar of sweeter-tasting chocolate, and vice versa, to balance things out instead of drowning one taste in the other.

5.     Cheese

Cheese is a great companion to a glass of fine wine, but if you’re always up to diversify your food palate, you can pair your morning coffee with harder cheddar and Swiss cheese. Alternatively, you can also pair your coffee with cottage cheese.

If you like your morning coffee stronger, we’d advise against softer cheese because they get overwhelmed by it. You can mix cheddar cheese with scrambled eggs and pair it with morning coffee to start your day right!

It all comes down to what you like. You may like one combo better than the other. Try the duos mentioned above this week; we’re sure you’ll love these coffee pairings.

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