Giving Senior Citizens 4 Reasons to Drink Coffee

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Have you been fed lies such as healthy aging requires you to give up on your morning coffee? It’s actually the other way around!

A jolt of caffeine can prevent many age-related problems, such as heart conditions and dementia. Studies confirm that coffee improves heart health and offers many other health benefits.

Let’s explore reasons for senior citizens to drink coffee and while you’re at it, shop roasted coffee online for a cause.

Caffeine and Its Benefits for Elderlies

If taken in moderation, coffee improves health and concentration among senior citizens. Here are the top reasons why coffee is useful for an aging body:

1.     Brain Booster

Caffeine is a powerful mental stimulant that’s the reason people feel like they can take on anything after drinking their morning cup.

Caffeine also releases certain hormones to combat tiredness, replacing it with energy. If an elderly person drinks coffee, they can expect:

  • An increase in energy
  • An improvement in mood
  • Increased feelings of happiness and vigor
  • Better reaction time
  • An increase in concentration and short-term memory

Research also shows that regular coffee intake reduces the risk of cognitive decline among older adults.

Remember: Your body may get tolerant to caffeine, so it’s best to keep your daily dose moderate.

2.     Source of Antioxidants

Anti-oxidants benefit our body in many different ways, such as:

  • Get rid of cell-damaging free radicals
  • Protect cell oxidation
  • Reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as macular degeneration, cancer, and heart disease
  • Prevent unwanted inflammation in the body

Fortunately, unprocessed coffee is abundant in anti-oxidants, and when roasted, even more anti-oxidants are produced. Unless you follow a unique diet, coffee is most likely the best source of anti-oxidants for you.

3.     Fight Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are two common diseases as you grow old. Many older adults are at risk of developing these cognitive problems. These diseases have both behavioral and physical effects besides their mental impact.

Though there’s no cure for these conditions, you can prevent or delay their onset. A healthy diet, including coffee, can reduce the risk of developing these diseases among elderly folk.

Coffee can delay dementia and the onset of Alzheimer’s at its early stages. It does so by:

  • Blocking brain inflammations, which can lead to dementia.
  • Preventing type II diabetes, which may lead to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Boosting brain activity.
  • Blocking protein build-up that contributes to these diseases.

4.     Prevent Other Diseases

Older people are more prone to chronic and infectious diseases. As we age, our immune system becomes vulnerable to age-related decline. Though it’s normal, you can prevent the risk of diseases associated with age.

A cup of coffee contains vitamins B1, 2, 3, and 5, folate, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, and manganese. With all these nutrients, your body creates a protective shield that helps lower the likelihood of cancer, stress, Parkinson’s disease, depression, heart problem, and more.

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We hope this blog helped you realize the benefits of drinking coffee, even as an older adult. If so, let’s buy coffee to donate $1 and help children in need find loving homes. At Hao Bao Bao Coffee, we sell freshly-roasted coffee and donate the money to help precious children at home. Shop flavored coffee for support today!

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