Meet our May '24 Featured Family: The Park Family

Meet our May '24 Featured Family: The Park Family

1. Tell us more about your family. 

Tim and Emily met at Pensacola Christian College in Florida. Tim claims to have met Emily during a freshman volleyball event but Emily has no recognition of this encounter. The summer after freshman year we worked at the same children’s camp called Camp O’ Pines and that’s when the relationship sparked (summer 2010). We’ve been together ever since. Tim grew up in Arkansas in a family of 9. Emily grew up in Ohio with a family of 5. We always knew we wanted quite a few children. We were told that we probably wouldn’t be able to have children due to medical issues. That sparked our adoption conversations.

In Tim’s last semester of grad school, (to our surprise) we were blessed with our first child then followed by two more. Each pregnancy had complications but the last pregnancy resulted in an emergent delivery where the hospital staff saved both Emily and our baby. The end result was a hysterectomy. We are so grateful for our children; we were told it was a miracle to have the children because of what they found during the surgery.

Our heart for adoption has continued and now we are pursuing our dream of adoption. We are living just outside Denver, CO. The prettiest place we have ever lived. We are matched with a sweet little girl. She has some special needs but we are ready to bring her home. We are just awaiting final immigration paperwork from both our country and her country.

2. Tell us more about your heart for adoption. 

Tim's parents have adopted 2 girls internationally and Tim’s sisters have also adopted.

3. Tell us more about your adoption journey so far. 

We talked with many agencies and talked about many countries. Due to restrictions and travel times we were matched with adopting from India. Emily was born with a physical condition of her limb and we would love to have a child with similar problems. Our matched child has a problem with one of her limbs. We hope to bring her home by the end of the year 2024.

4. Tell us more about the child you are adopting. 

Emily has a leg that is different from the other. So our hearts were open to a child with a leg condition as well. And our agency matched us with a little girl that has a condition in her leg. We hope to provide the support she needs emotionally and physically.

Prayer Request:
We pray for smooth paperwork process. We would love to travel tomorrow but paperwork holds us back. Pray for our child to be protected where she is. Pray that our family will be prepared for this child and that this child will be prepared for us.
We will be donating $1 from every bag of coffee sold this month to the Locklair's Connected Hearts Ministry fund and we'd love for YOU to partner with this family in bringing another precious daughter home! You can donate directly to them through their Connected Hearts Ministry link, where 100% of the donation will be used for adoption-related expenses:
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