Meet our June 2024 Featured Charity: Open Hearts for Orphans

Meet our June 2024 Featured Charity: Open Hearts for Orphans

 Open Hearts for Orphans is committed to the freedom of 53 more children and we need your help! Learn more..

"Our Uganda partner has been asked to help over forty children to leave orphanages this year - most are from a facility with up to 140 children stuck inside. 13 more babies were born inside the walls of a prison where they were birthed and contained. Our partners have a plan - and governmental permission - to set them free, thank God.

Families have been properly trained to foster and they are ready for this. Our partners are starting asap with babies in prison right away - like Madeline, who has HIV. It's a big project and OHFO has committed to half of the expense, a total of $24,000, to place all these babies into safe and loving care.


This is the orphanage where most of the children are coming from. They keep up to 140 children at a time. They say they are firm believers in family care, but actively recruit babies from the maternity ward, hospitals and community to fill their facility. Despite making millions in revenue, and their family care message, they refuse to provide so much as a blanket or clothes to help children settle in with foster-to-adopt families. They are tough to work with, but with your support, our Uganda partners are fighting for these little ones! 


Can you help? 

$100 provides a month's supply of baby formula

$250 provides clothing and essentials to help a child settle into their new family

$500 provides a social worker to locate relatives and helps train a foster-to-adopt family for a child. 

$1,000 rescues one child and gives them a permanent loving home.

We know it's a big ask, but with your support, it would mean each of these beautiful children can grow up not as orphans, but as cherished sons and daughters.


We will be donating $1 from every bag of coffee sold and we hope you will join in helping these precious children too:

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