Our Story

We are the Mann's and adopted our sweet son November 2018 from China. Adoption has been apart of our family's "plan A" since the very beginning. We were able to visit international orphanages (Russia & Romania) at young ages, creating in us a desire to adopt after seeing the desperate need for forever families. When we started dating, we talked about adoption being a beautiful way to grow our family. We lived in China for five years and were just waiting until we qualified to adopt, which happened in November 2017 and we were able to bring our son home one year to the day after we started the paperwork! Praise the Lord! 

Our son has adjusted fabulously into our family, so we began our journey to bring another "precious baby" home from China in the summer of 2019. We had the privilege of visiting Titus's orphanage two days after he was placed into our arms. Our hearts broke for all the precious souls we left behind and knew the moment we stepped out of his orphanage that our adoption journey was only beginning. We are matched with our newest son, Asher, and have all the paperwork ready to bring him home! As of right now, China is not issuing travel approvals, allowing adoptive families to go to China. He has some special needs, so we are praying we can bring him home as soon as possible and give him the support he so desperately needs. 

We started this coffee roasting business to assist in the mountain of adoption expenses and used 100% of the profits to bring our son into our family. Back-to-back adoptions are incredibly expensive, however we didn't want finances to stand in the way of changing another child's life forever. We have been roasting coffee personally in a small home roaster for the past twelve years and decided to turn this personal hobby into a business. Our family and friends have greatly enjoyed our freshly roasted coffee over the years and have always encouraged us to sell it on a larger scale. We are so excited to share our high-quality, small-batch roasted coffee with you, as well as working hard to raise money to bring precious children home. A perfect blend!

Our adoption is now fully funded, so we are able to support other adoptive families! Check out our "Featured Families" on our blog or social media to learn about their adoption journeys and precious children they are seeking to bring home! $1 from every bag sold and all tips go directly to the featured family of the month! Contact us (haobaobaocoffee@yahoo.com) if you are an adoptive family seeking to raise funds to bring your precious child home!

Thank you for partnering with us! We are so thankful for your support! Follow adoption journeys on Facebook & Instagram @HaoBaoBaoCoffee.