Yunnan China (Dongka)
Yunnan China (Dongka)

Yunnan China (Dongka)

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We are excited to bring you another fabulous bean variety from China: Yunnan Dongka!

We have quite a variety of Yunnan beans, as we love partnering with the hardworking farmers of China, however this one is different as it is a washed coffee. The layers of coffee beans are removed and washed at different times to give them a clean and bright flavor. We are so excited to partner with Yunnan Coffee Traders ( to bring you again the best and most carefully selected Yunnan coffee around, all the while helping the hard-working farmers of China! 

NOTES: Raisin, Black Tea, Caramel

ROAST RECOMMENDATION:  medium roast to bring out its crisp flavors

REGION: Menglian, Yunnan


PROCESS: Washed Natural 


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