Yunnan Banku (China)

Yunnan Banku (China)

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We are excited about our newest beans from China: Yunnan Banku! We have quite a variety of Yunnan beans, as we love partnering with the hardworking farmers of China, however this one is different as it is a natural washed coffee. Allowing the bean to dry with the fruit on and removing the outer layers later gives the bean a higher sweetness and berry flavor. We are so excited to partner with Yunnan Coffee Traders ( to bring you again the best and most carefully selected Yunnan coffee around! 

Coffee Notes: Plum, Caramel Fudge, Walnut

Region: Menglian, Yunnan

Cupping Score: 84

Altitude: 1250

Process: Washed Natural 


You will love this delightful coffee! We recommend a medium roast to bring out it's full body sweetness.