Kenyan Peaberry (Small-Scale Farm)
Kenyan Peaberry (Small-Scale Farm)

Kenyan Peaberry (Small-Scale Farm)

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We are thrilled to partner with Solai Coffee to bring you a fair-trade Kenyan Peaberry beans that support small-scale farmers and local communities!

Kenyan beans are regarded as one of the world's most sought-after beans, grown in high elevation (1,400-2,000 meters) and undergo a wet processing. This translates to the beans tasting cleaner, lower acidity, and having less body once brewed. 

To support the local eco-system, Solai Coffee states, "We do bee-keeping too organic and are getting into strawberry farming as well. Beekeeping helps with natural pollination and adds a lot to the quality of the coffee and the fruity and floral undertones."

Solai Coffee pays farmers a fair price for their beans, as well provides new technology and education for the next generation of farmers, so that we can continue enjoying some of the world's best beans! Learn more about this amazing company and the sustainable work they are doing at here.

NOTES: Rich body, intense flavor (black current), delightful aroma, low acidity


ALTITUDE: 1400-2000M

PROCESS: Wet Processing

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