Costa Rica Coffee (Laurina Natural)

Costa Rica Coffee (Laurina Natural)

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Introducing our new micro-lot beans, which are naturally low in caffeine! They come from the Doka Estate in Costa Rica, however the first Laurina bean was originally discovered in Africa in the 18th century. Laurina beans are extremely hard to grow, as caffeine is a natural pesticide, making coffee plants susceptible to insect damage. These beans were on the brink of extinction, however have been brought back recently as a natural alternative to decaffeinated coffee. 

This particular micro-lot comes from the Vargas family farm, a three-generation coffee growing farm. They are located in the foothills of the Poas Volcano, giving their beans uniquely soft and delicate taste. 

NOTES: Strawberry, Cane Sugar, Red Apple, Medium Body, Medium Acidity

ROAST RECOMMENDATION: Medium to bring out fruity notes

REGION: Doka Estate

PROCESS: Natural

Cup Score 87.5