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These Colombian coffee beans are 100% certified organic. This variety has bright tones with a citrus and overall sweet flavor. These beans were grown in the Huila region, which is located near the famous Salto de Bordones waterfall. The smalholder farmers are made of a group of young growers from the ASOBOMBO association, whose goal is to create generational change through mixing both traditional customs and modern approaches to farming. These farmers are committed to growing beans organically as a pathway to their dreams of high-value coffee, while keeping their farms sustainable. We're so glad to partner with them in their quest to grow quality organic beans, as participating farmers can receive an average of 35% more income for their coffee in this program. This is a win-win situation for everyone!

NOTES: Medium Acidity, Medium Body, Bittersweet Chocolate, Amaretto, Cherry, Grape, Pear

ROAST RECOMMENDATION: For more chocolate and sweeter tones, choose a darker roast. If you desire a brighter and sweeter taste, chose a light or medium roast.


ALTITUDE: 1600-2000M


CUP SCORE: 85.25

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