Where do we get our beans?

Glad you asked!

Most of our green beans come from ICT Coffee (ictcoffee.com), an international coffee wholesaler. They care about where coffee is sourced, the farmers, and their land. They say no to farmers that don’t care for their workers. They have the highest standard of quality and service.. They are worldwide and supply us with the best beans on the market. They are woman-owned and believe in supporting other women in the coffee industry, from farmers to coffee shop owners. 

We get our Yunnan coffee beans from Urban Dwellers Coffee (https://urbandwellerscoffee.com/) who partners directly with farmers in China to support sustainable farming and jobs. We are thrilled to partner with them and help precious people in China, our home for many years and the birth country of our sons!

We are proud to partner with ICT Coffee & Urban Dwellers Coffee to share the highest quality of coffee with you at an affordable price, while helping to bring precious children home!