• The Scariest Word

    What's the scariest word in the English language?


    Sky-diving. Bungee-jumping. Crocodile-wrestling (or "wrastling" for our Texan friends).


    Yes, these might be some scary feats, but we believe that the scariest word in the English language is also one of the shortest and simplest: yes.


    Y.E.S. Yes. Really?

  • Who are You?

    "There are no small parts, only small actors."


    Somewhere in my elementary years, I delightfully encountered bossy Mrs. Armstrong and the motley Herdman gang of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. I remember feeling outrage as each unruly child bullied their way into the Christmas pageant roles, only to breathe a sigh of relief at the end as they truly portrayed their characters that first Christmas: messy and scared, but willing to give all they had. They might have been small actors in that play, but they definitely played a big part in helping that community to understand the true meaning of Christmas.


    Recently, I was studying the book of Acts in a Bible study and we were looking at the lame man being healed in chapter 3. It's a well-known story of Peter preforming a miracle for a beggar who then leapt and praised God. However, the leader posed a new question that struck me, "What if Peter did have money?"


  • Adoption: A "Plan A" for Our Family

    "Can't you make your own children?"

    "Is your daughter really yours?"

    "Isn't it a lot cheaper and easier to have your own kids?"


    We've quickly learned that no question is off limits when you adopt and especially in regards to the family planning department. We know that people are naturally curious about adoption and genuinely want to understand more about. But sometimes the questions can be just painfully awkward, as well as inappropriate for our children to hear. We never, ever, ever want to our son to feel like he's "expensive" or "not ours." (Personal tip: Don't ask an adoptive family a question in front of their kids that you wouldn't want someone to ask you in front of your kids! Please and thank you!) That being said, we do want to answer people's questions as honestly as possible, because we truly believe that if more people understand how adoption can be a beautiful part of their family's "plan A," then more and more precious children will have forever families.